Does Family Therapy Actually Work?

Relationships within the family erode over time when one of its members is struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD). Lost trust and ineffectual communications strain even the strongest family bonds. It is not uncommon for members of a family in which addiction is taking a heavy toll to no longer recognize themselves and one […]

What to Expect in Family Therapy

Addiction affects families, and families can affect addiction. The erosion of trust and healthy communication can interfere with healing for the person in recovery and family members. That’s why family therapy is offered in most addiction treatment programs. If you live in the Mile High City of Denver or its environs, are suffering from an […]

5 Benefits of Family Therapy

Substance use and mental health disorders don’t just affect one person – they affect everyone who cares about and interacts often with the one suffering. Addiction is called a family disease because of the damage it can do to communication and trust; mental health disorders can create confusion and anxiety and result in family members […]

Will Rehab Help My Relationship with Family Members?

Addiction doesn’t just affect the individual going through it. They also have a network of close friends and family members who are susceptible to anxiety, depression, and stress regarding their loved one’s condition. It’s not uncommon for people to distance themselves from friends and family when they’re going through addiction, but seeking professional treatment can […]