Where Can I Find a Family Education Group Near Me?

The effects of a family member’s struggle with drug addiction can be further than just them. Immediate family also tend to feel an impact of drug or alcohol addiction problems. Whether this is a child, parent, or spouse, Family Recovery is essential because addiction alters the lives of everyone around that person. 

The Effects of Addiction on a Family

There are many effects of drug addiction on a family. It can create strained relationships, financial difficulties, and even an increased risk of abuse. Every family has different dynamics, and not all families are impacted in the same way. This is why family therapy can help you to overcome this and get healthy. 

Strained Relationships

Addiction strains relationships regardless of who in the family is struggling. It can be a parent, child, spouse, or sibling, everyone struggles with the addict. It can be a daily challenge for everyone in the home to cope.

How Addiction Affects Children

The effects of addiction on a child depend on whether they come from a one or two-parent household, and if one or both parents are struggling with addiction. When it comes to one child living with a single parent abusing drugs, they will not have anyone else to turn to. It is also the same when a child is living with two parents using drugs. 

How Addiction Affects Parents

When a parent has a child that is struggling with addiction, it is a unique problem. They often feel responsible for the path the child has gone on, and wonder where they went wrong. It can feel powerless, to watch your child suffer from addiction. 

How Addiction Affects Siblings

Siblings of addicts often suffer more than we realize. Because parents are consumed with what is going on with the sibling, the addict ends up taking more of the attention. Siblings often feel emotions like confusion, frustration, shame, resentment, and more.

Financial Hardship

Drugs and alcohol are not cheap, and many people who become addicted put all of their money into getting these substances. This often leads to difficulty holding down a job or obtaining money, shelter, and food. Sometimes families even take on this hardship and allow their children to live with them. Then they pay for legal fees and somewhat enable the cycle of abuse.

Increased Risk of Abuse

When it comes to addiction, it can be a lot to deal with someone going through these feelings. Addicts become erratic, frustrated, and angry. People may also have outbursts and cause problems while under the influence. This can lead to abuse by parents or other family members meaning the emotional, physical, or sexual abuse risk increases.

Getting Help

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