One area that has traditionally been overlooked in addiction treatment is the nutritional effects of drug and alcohol addiction. Substance use disorders have a profound impact on the body. Chronic substance abuse depletes the body of essential nutrients that help optimize body functions. A nutrition education program in Denver helps newly recovering clients understand the importance of adequate nutrition and hydration to improve well-being and promote long-term recovery. Along with addiction therapies like 12-step, behavioral, and life skills training, a nutrition education program is integral to individual treatment planning.

At Mile High Recovery Center in Denver, we help clients heal and build a foundation for long-term recovery. Whether you need mental health, substance use, or dual diagnosis treatment, we can tailor an individualized treatment plan to meet your needs. Here, we understand the importance of a healthy diet to promote improved well-being and help prevent relapse. Contact our team at 303-268-2144 to learn more about the benefits of a nutrition education program.

The Impacts Of Substance Use Disorder Related Malnutrition

Substance use disorders (SUD) generally contribute to a lack of proper nutrition either because individuals forgo eating or eat an abundance of unhealthy foods. Research shows that most individuals with SUD suffer nutrient deficiencies or malnutrition. Different substances have particular effects on the body. For example:

  • Opioids impact metabolism function
  • Opioids cause constipation and weight loss
  • Chronic alcohol use damages the stomach lining
  • Heroin decreases appetite and changes food tastes
  • Marijuana significantly increases appetite
  • Stimulants significantly decrease appetite
  • Alcohol misuse severely depletes thiamine and other nutrients

The depletion of essential vitamins and minerals caused by SUD can exacerbate sleep disturbances, irritability, poor digestion, and a compromised immune system. A nutrition education program in Denver is an essential part of a holistic treatment environment to restore good health and teach healthy lifestyle management.

Nutrition education

The Benefits Of Nutrition Education In Denver

Nutrition education in recovery focuses on more than just eating right. A nutrition education program in Denver aims to help clients understand the importance of a healthy diet to overall health. Weight gain is typical in early recovery as suppressed appetites return and clients experience intense cravings for sugary foods. Food can become a cross-addiction for some.
Additionally, weight gain can contribute to depression, anxiety, and body image issues. Low blood sugar, dehydration, and excessive amounts of caffeine or nicotine can increase cravings that trigger a relapse.

Through a nutrition education program, clients will:

  • Receive an overall assessment of physical health
  • Minimize the pain and discomfort associated with withdrawal
  • Create a personalized dietary plan to help restore optimal body functioning
  • Learn to eat for overall health
  • Set healthy eating goals
  • Receive support
  • Receive education on how to overcome barriers to healthy eating


The opportunities to heal and support recovery through a nutrition education program are immense. Unfortunately, only about half of treatment facilities offer nutrition education. Clients need to understand the importance of nutrition in the recovery process and beyond, especially as nutritional deficiencies can take up to 12 months to resolve.

Discover The Benefits Of Nutrition Education In Denver At Mile High Recovery Center

Recovery is not just about getting sober. It involves healing and restoring a sense of overall well-being. Our comprehensive approach to treatment draws on alternative, holistic, and evidence-based treatment modalities to ensure mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth and recovery.

In addition to our nutrition education program, we offer a range of programs and services, including:

  • Recovery coaching
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Alumni program and community building
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Adventure therapy
  • Family therapy


At our Denver treatment center, we offer incredible support for a variety of conditions, including co-occurring disorders. We use gender-specific programming and focus on healing trauma to help our clients achieve recovery. From the first day you begin treatment, you become part of our community, which has strong ties to the Denver community.

Whether you are just beginning your recovery journey, are re-entering treatment, or just need some extra support, we have a program to suit your needs. Contact our team at 303-268-2144 or reach out to us online.

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