5 Benefits of Early Recovery Life Skills in Colorado

In the early stages of addiction recovery, people are most vulnerable to fear and self-doubt and, thus, relapse. Focusing on life skills for sober living early in rehab is the best way to establish new habits supporting ongoing recovery. In Colorado, the early recovery plan for addiction that Mile High Recovery Center offers can provide […]

Do Alumni Programs Help Ensure Addiction Recovery?

There is an accumulation of strong evidence that points to the value of peer support during addiction recovery, both during rehab and throughout life. One of the strengths of Mile High Recovery Center in Denver, CO, is our alumni community. The hundreds of rehab alums who live in and around Denver provide continuity and support […]

5 Benefits of Relapse Prevention

All addiction rehab seeks to help clients leave drug and alcohol abuse behind and avoid post-rehab relapse. Even though it is the goal to avoid relapse, it is often a normal part of recovery and can happen at any time, including right after rehab or ten years in the future. One of the best ways […]