Do Alumni Programs Help Ensure Addiction Recovery?

There is an accumulation of strong evidence that points to the value of peer support during addiction recovery, both during rehab and throughout life. One of the strengths of Mile High Recovery Center in Denver, CO, is our alumni community. The hundreds of rehab alums who live in and around Denver provide continuity and support to one another during good times and hard times. Relapse prevention is supported by several programs, the most important of which is undoubtedly a relapse prevention alumni program.

If you are looking for a Denver, Colorado, relapse prevention group, consider Mile High Recovery Center. Long-term sobriety outcomes are considerably supported by addiction recovery alumni programs. Our loyal, committed alums and deeply involved and supportive staff make our program robust. Find out more about alumni programs and addiction recovery by calling Mile High at 303-268-2144 or completing this online form.

Addiction and Recovery

We understand that addiction is a chronic disease, meaning it has no cure. It is a condition that people live with throughout life. People in recovery do not use alcohol or drugs, but there is always a chance of relapse. We tell our clients that relapse is not failure. It does not mean they cannot live a sober life. It is an obstacle on the path that can be surmounted. You got sober once and you can do it again. Professional alcohol addiction treatment and peer support are the two pillars that support your recovery.

When an addiction treatment facility incorporates after-care, relapse prevention, and alumni programming into its treatment plan, clients’ chances of successful recovery improve.

Alumni Programs and Addiction Recovery

Relapse prevention is a key piece of any addiction treatment rehab facility’s programming. At Mile High Recovery Center, our highly engaged alumni base is a fundamental part of our relapse prevention success.

Because relationships are so important to your recovery, having a strong alumni program is a great asset. An alumni program can offer:

  • The opportunity to stay connected after discharge – with staff as well as peers who have also completed treatment
  • Sober activities and events to engage recent and veteran alums
  • A chance to safely avoid the isolation that is so harmful to those in recovery
  • The community you need to help you face challenges that arise
  • Continued access to staff who supported and treated you during rehab
  • A sense of belonging to something meaningful and lasting

People in recovery often say that being sober allows them to live a meaningful life and feel more gratitude. Being part of an addiction recovery alumni program can provide you with the feeling of giving back to others in important ways. You benefit from the support and guidance of peers, and they benefit from you.

Relapse Prevention Alumni Program at Mile High Recovery Center

When a relapse prevention program is made a fundamental piece of addiction rehab, outcomes improve. Alumni programs reduce the risk of relapse and, just as importantly, make it easier to return to sobriety swiftly in case of relapse.

At Mile High Recovery Center in Denver, CO, our alumni program is part of our long-term treatment model because it focuses on building connections and forging a strong community. Being in recovery is not like following a step-by-step instruction manual; it’s a continuum that lasts a lifetime, complete with highs and lows, successes and bumps in the road. Alumni programs help you with that journey.

When you are part of the Mile High family, you may be discharged from active treatment, but you are always a member of the community of peers and professionals who share with you both history and aspirations for the future. Reach out today to learn about our alumni program and how it supports your lasting recovery by creating strong bonds, offering ongoing support, and preventing relapse. Call 303-268-2144 today or use our online form to connect with someone who can answer all your questions.

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