Meet Our Team at Colorado’s Addiction Treatment Center

At Mile High Recovery Center, we provide clients with treatment plans to fit their needs. Our incredible, and loving staff, evaluates each individual to ensure they are on the right treatment plan to achieve success.

Our Specialties

Our Denver Drug Rehab specializes in treating substance abuse problems. This might include alcohol and marijuana abuse, or heroin and opiate addiction. We also pride ourselves in being confident to treat poly-substance abuse, benzodiazepine abuse, and stimulant abuse.

At our Colorado Addiction Treatment Center, we offer incredible support for many conditions and even co-occurring diagnoses. This might include anxiety, depression, bipolar, PTSD, or schizoaffective disorder.

We use gender-specific programming and focus on trauma to assist our clients in recovery. We know that there are so many factors that lead to addiction, so whether you are dealing with trauma, mental health problems, or family issues, we know how to take hold of your trauma, and use it as a tool for success.

Our Method

The Mile High Continuing Care Denver Drug Rehab approach is a full wrap-around program. This program has an end goal to successfully integrate every patient back into the community and to generate long-term recovery skills.

Recovery is not only about achieving sobriety, it is about achieving a new state of being and healing. To achieve recovery, we believe that addicts must heal mentally, spiritually, and finally, physically. We genuinely believe that anyone who seeks treatment can recover and heal. 

Using alternative medicine such as recovery coaching and spiritual guidance, we offer sessions with a level 3 Reiki certified spiritual healer. We also employ a variety of therapists who are all well trained and highly experienced in their field. 

Our Treatment

We believe it is important to be continuously bettering ourselves for the good of the whole. This means we continually train our clinical staff and work closely with clients to address their mental health, psychiatric, and substance use specific needs.


In The Mile High Recovery Center’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), we provide a structured and therapeutic treatment program for clients with all types of substance use disorders.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a step to help you continue on the path of recovery after battling with a substance use disorder.

Whether you are looking for individual or group services, our IOP program offers many options. It is good to note that IOP may be recommended for those who do not need a medically supervised detox. Despite this, IOP can help people in recovery to maintain their therapy after following a successful detox with a part-time schedule designed to accommodate rejoining your community. 


Another option is Partial Hospitalization. This is a program created to offer extra support when needed. Whether you are transitioning from inpatient or detox, rejoining your community can be difficult! Being a part of a group that holds a safe environment is important, and essential for success after detox.

Our Success

Whether you are finally looking for the first step to get serious help with your drug or alcohol addiction or would like to continue your rehabilitation, we are here to help. 

We are confident that we will guide you through recovery. Our staff is waiting to welcome you. Give us a call today.

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