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More often than not, when a person leaves a drug and alcohol detox program, they struggle to stay sober. The shift from inpatient care to home life can be overwhelming. Because of this, not all drug and alcohol treatment programs are created equal. Many people today struggling with sobriety need extended treatment, post-detox support, and long-term treatment for long-term success. For people looking for a comprehensive, integrative approach that works, a long-term addiction treatment center can provide the tools they need for success.

Are you or someone you love looking for rehab programs in Denver, CO? At Mile High Recovery, we specialize in individualized care, including extended and long-term addiction treatment. Learn more by calling us at 855.796.2102 today.

What is Long-Term Addiction Treatment?

person standing in group at long term addiction treatment centerRecovery is a marathon, not a sprint. Long-term addiction treatment helps clients integrate recovery tools and continue healing beyond initial 30, 60, or 90-day standard rehab treatments. These programs focus on the big picture while helping clients through daily life. Clients learn to adapt to everyday stressors, addiction triggers, and whatever life throws their way in long-term treatment programs. They have a higher chance of maintaining sobriety and healing from the root causes of addiction.

At Mile High Recovery Center, we believe when people receive a year of extended care, they thrive. Our extended care programs focus on:

  • Mental health support
  • Trauma recovery
  • Rebuilding relationships
  • Family support
  • Healing PTSD
  • Safe medically assisted detox
  • Alumni programs

Long-term addiction treatment focuses on safe and effective treatment that fits a person’s individual needs. Designed as a step-down program, clients at Mile High Recovery Center slowly transition from daily clinical care back into normal home life. With extended day programs, clients have the time they truly need to heal and feel supported while also going through the stress of daily life.

Is Extended Day Treatment Right For Me?

Extended treatment can help most people in recovery stay sober and feel more confident in their sobriety. Extended day treatment may be right for you if:

  • You need help to establish daily structure.
  • You are struggling with medically assisted detox or need medically assisted detox.
  • You thrive with community support.
  • You need support for co-occurring disorders.
  • You are experiencing PTSD and the effects of trauma.
  • You are ready to recover at your own pace.

Long-term addiction treatment is often the safest way to help clients rebuild their lives. Many shorter programs only begin to touch a client’s psychiatric needs and stressors. While initial detox can help a person safely begin recovery, long-term support is vital to sobriety. At Mile High, our long-term care includes alumni programs, recovery housing, and clinicians specializing in trauma treatment.

Long-Term Addiction Treatment in Denver, Colorado

Addiction recovery should never be rushed. The team at Mile High Recovery wants you to succeed. That’s why we believe everyone needs a year of support to maintain sobriety and thrive. Our programs use partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment to help clients gradually return to a life of sobriety. Clients at Mile High experience comprehensive, integrative treatment focused on treating trauma and underlying addiction triggers. Our step-down recovery models allow clients to gradually return to life at the pace they need.

Begin Long-Term Addiction Treatment and Recovery at Mile High Recovery Today

No two journeys are the same. When it comes to recovery, Mile High understands how to meet your needs. Mile High is ready to support your drug and alcohol recovery in the heart of Denver. Join our Mile High Continuing Care Community today in the vibrant mile-high city! Reach us at 855.796.2102 to learn more about the success of our long-term addiction treatment programs at our long-term addiction treatment center.