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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy denverIn the 1960s, cognitive-behavioral therapy was created by Dr. Aaron Beck, a psychiatrist interested in the links between thinking and behavior. He dubbed the method cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) because it focuses on the client’s thought process—the cognition that happens, often outside of conscious awareness—that impacts feelings and behaviors. Since then, CBT’s effectiveness in treating mental health disorders has been established. In addition, in the field of addiction therapies, CBT has become one of the most powerful tools in the tool belts of recovery therapists and other professionals who work with people struggling with substance use disorders.

Mile High Recovery Center offers cognitive-behavioral therapy in Denver, CO, to help our clients successfully walk the path of recovery. Call us any time at 855.796.2102 to learn more, or complete our simple online form.

How Does a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program in Denver Work?

When you understand how your thinking connects with your behavior, you can change your entire life experience by shifting your thoughts. This practice is embedded in principles of mindfulness, through which you start to notice the automatic thinking that often influences your mood, feelings, and behaviors without your awareness.

Research has shown that humans default to negative self-talk more readily than positive self-talk. In other words, in their internal dialogue with themselves, they are more likely to repeat, “I don’t deserve to be happy,” than, “I deserve all good things,” or “I’ll be alone forever,” rather than “I am worthy of love.”

Thoughts influence everything in a person’s life. They affect all decisions, including doing nothing, taking dangerous risks, and everything in between. It’s important to realize that you have power over your thoughts and reactions so that even the seemingly mindless actions you take can be shifted to actions that serve you much better.

If you suffer from addiction, the habits that harm you can be unlearned through CBT while other, healthier beliefs and habits can take their place. Cognitive-behavioral therapy in Colorado at Mile High Recovery Center can help you. Call 855.796.2102 today.

Elements of CBT at Mile High Recovery Center

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is characterized by several elements that work in concert to create lasting effects for those in recovery from addiction. For example, CBT:

  • Is goal-oriented with the set objective of identifying, assessing, and shifting harmful thoughts and false beliefs
  • Is typically time-limited (between 24 and 48 sessions), which supports the idea of being goal-focused
  • Is equally effective in a group therapy setting or an individual therapy session
  • Focuses on the present moment
  • Creates change not just in thoughts but mood and behavior
  • Shifts a client’s response to triggers in order to reduce the risk of relapse

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Colorado

At Mile High Recovery Center in Denver, CO, our staff is experienced in treating addiction with CBT. We understand that you need effective psychological tools to combat the immediate gratification and sense of well-being that drugs and alcohol provide. We also know that “knowledge is power” is true and fundamental to why CBT works.

CBT provides skills in:

  • Self-awareness – so you recognize triggers, the onset of cravings, and high-risk situations before it’s too late
  • Planning – which is crucial if you don’t want to become trapped in a situation rife with triggers and temptation
  • Problem-solving – so that you find your way out of situations that otherwise might threaten your sobriety
  • Responding to your own hurtful beliefs – by not allowing them to derail your recovery

Becoming a conscious participant in your own thought process does not mean that you’ll never have another negative thought. It simply means you’ll see it for what it is and can deny its power over you.

Find out More about Addiction Therapies at Mile High Recovery

Cognitive-behavioral therapy and other evidence-based recovery treatment therapies are at the core of our services. In addition to being trained in numerous modalities, our staff is interested in you and devoted to your recovery.

Realigning how you think and respond is much more achievable than you think. In a cognitive-behavioral therapy program, you will be supported at every step. Don’t hesitate. Reach out today at 855.796.2102 to learn more about CBT in Colorado at Mile High Recovery Center.