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Family Recovery Therapy Group 

Far too many people with substance use disorders find themselves isolated and alone.

Family Recovery Sessions

Here at Mile High Recovery Center, we understand that recovery does not happen in a vacuum, meaning family involvement is essential to the success of an early recovering person.

With that in mind family will be encouraged and invited to participate in their loved one’s care.

Family therapy groups allow family members to gain understanding, set boundaries, and interact with other family members who are also navigating the waters of a loved one who is in early recovery.

It’s Hard to Understand

Having a loved one taken hostage by addiction is dis-heartening and often tragic.

People who are not personally afflicted often have difficulty understanding substance use disorders. 

It can be challenging to make sense of everything that happens.

They also may not fully understand the dynamics of the recovery process and the positive life-style changes that can occur.

We provide the space and environment for family members and other concerned individuals. It is a space that is both engaging and informative. A place where they will learn and acquire better understanding.

They will be offered guidance on developing a more educated viewpoint.

Structured & Understanding Format

It is very critical and importance to all parties concerned that they be provided with details and information about substance use disorders and recovery, in a structured and understanding format.

Our Family Therapy Groups allow an opportunity for family members to talk about their concerns. This is critical to helping them support the newly recovering person. This process also reduces the fear and worry that they may be having.

Our group will assist families in identifying behaviors and reactions that are common to families coping with people who have a substance use disorder.

More Likely to Succeed

Treatment is more likely to succeed if significant others become educated about the predictable changes that occur within the relationship as recovery proceeds. 

In addition to providing specific education, the Family Education group sessions provide the counselor with an opportunity to facilitate involvement of significant others in clients’ recovery. Substance abuse can place families in crisis.

Multi-family Therapy Groups:

We offer family therapy groups weekly, this enables family to explore their own recovery process.

Family is encouraged to attend as often as they can to learn skills that will support them in maintaining boundaries, and developing their own goals for recovery.

Family therapy helps family members feel involved with their loved ones treatment, and be supportive in a non-enabling way.

If this is your loved ones second or tenth treatment this group will be a highly supportive environment to discuss trauma and other fears relating to your loved ones use.

Support Recovery

Information is presented about all substance use disorders, the treatment phase, the recovery process, and the ways in which families are affected.

We also educate and guide family members on how they can support a client’s recovery.

Recovery and the use of Suboxone and Buprenorphine

There are many different treatment methods, using Suboxone and Buprenorphine is one of them. Let Mile High Recovery Center find the best methods to treat addiction for you or your loved one. 

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