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Relapse Prevention Group Helps You Stay Sober

This group meets once a week after completion of IOP. Be sober and stay sober! 

Relapse Prevention Group 

The Relapse Prevention group is an important part of the continuum of care.

After a client completes their IOP program it is highly recommended that they continue with OP treatment in order to maintain their sobriety.

Clients can expect to attend one 90 minute group every week with a strong emphasis on relapse prevention, and maintaining sobriety long-term.

The focus in on sustainable long-term sobriety.

Continuing Care Consists of:

  • Pre-lapse behaviors
  • Secondary addictive behaviors
  • Emotional Sobriety
  • Engagement in mutual self-help groups
  • Relapse is not a random event.
  • The process of relapse follows predictable patterns.
  • Signs of impending relapse can be identified by staff members and clients.

After successfully completing phase three you are welcome to join our therapeutic alumni programming. The group is 90 minutes one time weekly and allows you to participate in discussion that is a little more centered on long-term recovery. This is a great way to stay connected to your treatment group and help encourage your peers in maintaining sobriety.

Love your therapist and don’t want to change? Need ongoing support with medication management, or MAT? In the continuing care phase of treatment, you have the option to continue to work with your primary therapist, and our medical director. We believe that treatment does not end with the end of IOP or any other type of service, and want to make it easy for you to stay plugged in.

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