At Mile High Recovery Center, we believe the opposite of addiction is connection. Having a community of support is essential to maintaining a life of sobriety. Once you have completed your substance abuse treatment program, the support does not stop there. You will join the ranks of 100s of our alumni and the larger Denver recovery community. Our relapse prevention group is integral to maintaining a lifetime of recovery and provides needed support and community connections.

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What is a Relapse Prevention Group?

The relapse prevention group is an integral part of the continuum of care. After a client completes their intensive outpatient program (IOP), it is highly recommended that they continue with outpatient treatment to maintain their sobriety.

Continuing care is focused on helping clients live a life of recovery. This can be accomplished by reinforcing affirming thoughts and behaviors gained during rehab and spotting any issues that might lead to relapse. Some of the topics our relapse prevention group can address or teach include:

  • Pre-lapse behaviors
  • Secondary addictive behaviors
  • Emotional sobriety
  • Engagement in mutual self-help groups
  • Understanding that relapse is not a random event
  • The process of relapse follows predictable patterns
  • Signs of impending relapse can be identified by staff members and clients

The group is 90 minutes one time weekly and allows you to participate in a discussion that is a little more centered on long-term recovery. This is a great way to stay connected to your treatment group and help encourage your peers to maintain sobriety.

When Do I Join a Relapse Prevention Group?

Our Substance Treatment Extended Program Services (STEPS) define our long-term care approach to addiction treatment. There are three phases of treatment:

  • Phase 1: the most intensive level of treatment with the highest level of accountability
  • Phase 2: an intensive outpatient program (IOP) with expectations of community engagement
  • Phase 3: the crucial level where clients learn to maintain long-term sobriety by focusing on recovery behaviors and managing mental health

After successfully completing phase three of your treatment plan, you are welcome to join our therapeutic alumni programming. Our long-term care approach to addiction recovery does not end once you have completed your course of treatment. The relapse prevention program, like all aspects of our alumni program for addiction treatment, the relapse prevention program is about keeping you firmly grounded in a life of sobriety. We want to make it easy for you to stay plugged in.

Love your therapist and don’t want to change? Need ongoing support with medication management or medication-assisted treatment? In the continuing care phase of treatment, you have the option to continue to work with your primary therapist and our medical director.

Relapse Prevention

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Recovery is a life-long pursuit that does not end once you successfully complete treatment. A relapse prevention group or other continuing care support is essential to prevent relapse.

If you are wrestling with a possible relapse, call Mile High Recovery Center at 303-268-2144.

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