Will my insurance cover alcohol rehab?

Do you have questions about alcohol rehab? Mile High Recovery Center is committed to helping you get answers to all your questions, including those you have regarding insurance coverage and how you can pay for your treatment. 

Will my insurance cover both rehab, detox, and any post-treatment?

The first and most important question is finding out if your insurance will cover rehab. You also need to make sure different components of rehab are included in your coverage. Treatment during detox and outpatient treatment are both generally covered by insurance while inpatient rehab tends to have partial coverage. Deciding on a rehab facility should be a conversation between you, your doctor, and your insurance provider who can answer all of your questions.

What will my copay be? 

Copays are a common part of your usual doctor’s appointments. This is the money you pay to your medical provider on the day of the appointment that’s not covered by your insurance or deductible. Your rehab might also have copays if your insurance covers some or all of the treatment. Ask what the copays will be at different facilities to get a full picture of your out-of-pocket costs.

What’s my deductible? 

Your insurance will cover a specific amount of the bill. What’s leftover, you’re responsible to pay. This is called a deductible. As an example, a deductible of $3,000 means you can accrue $3,000 in medical fees, not including copays, before your insurance steps in to pay the rest. This is most commonly split amongst bills. For example, you’ll pay $200 of a $400 bill rather than forced to pay the entire bill because it’s below your deductible. Rehab will also involve a deductible to hit before your insurance takes over. The more expensive your plan, the lower the deductible. 

Does my insurance cover prescriptions during rehab?

Your treatment may require medications and treatments that may not be part of the default program. This means they can cost extra. Check with your insurance about the protocols for unexpected or emergency use of certain treatments or medication prescriptions during your stay at an alcohol rehab center. This is common during detox, as you go through a variety of medical states and may require further intervention for your health and safety.

What are my options if insurance doesn’t cover my rehab? 

If your insurance doesn’t cover rehab visits, you may have other options available to you. Starting with your employer can be a good place to start. They may have a stipulation to cover at least part of your rehab costs or may be mandated to do so by law. Even if not, they may be able to offer paid leave or some form of temporary disability coverage to help you accrue some money to put towards treatment. Ask potential treatment centers about their payment plans and financing options for treatment costs. Some even have grant programs. Give us a call to learn more about financial assistance and your rehab options in Denver. 

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