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Will Rehab Help My Relationship with Family Members?

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Alcohol and drug addiction doesn’t just affect the person going through it. You have a network of loved ones who are susceptible to depression, anxiety, and stress when it comes to your condition. Your health and treatment come first, but you need to account for the feelings of your family members as your behavior and choices will be responsible for any lasting issues or psychological issues they may encounter. It may be time to find a drug or alcohol rehab near you.

Young Children of Addicts

Based on recent studies, as many as 1 in 8 children will grow up in a home with at least one alcoholic or drug-addicted parent. As one might expect, the trauma of watching a parent go through addiction and all that entails leaves a lasting mark on a children’s psychology. This could lead to depression, anxiety, and even cognitive development issues. Children are still developing, which means the trauma of addiction may shape the way their brain and emotions develop throughout puberty and their teenage years. It’s also important to know that children who grow up in homes with addiction are more likely to be the victims of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. 

Family of Teenage Addicts

It’s not always parents. Often underage drinking and experimenting with drugs can lead teenagers down the path of addiction and it’s not easy on parents. Almost 20% of individuals between the ages of 12 and 20 drink alcohol regularly which sets up for damaging habits. Furthermore, marijuana use is more likely than cigarette smoking at this age. Drugs or alcohol can disrupt sleep cycles, cause depression, damage brain cells, and have other lasting effects. As a parent, it’s difficult to watch your child go through this and many tend to feel helpless. This can become even more dangerous when a child enters college and is prone to binge use of substances. 

Reestablishing Connections 

It’s important to remember that addiction doesn’t only affect the addict. Around them is a network of loved ones who feel the pain and suffering of one person coupled with their feelings of distress and anxiety. Many could come to resent the loved one whose addiction caused them to feel this way or resent the behaviors of the loved one while under the influence and trapped in addiction. Reestablishing relationships is a key part of recovery. You’re setting up for a lifetime of sobriety, which means all parts of your life need to be accounted for and mended. This includes personal and familial relationships. Whether it’s your children, your parents, or your friends, everyone hurts during your addiction.  At Mile High Recovery Center, we want to get you the best possible care you can find when it comes to addiction and treatment. We cover all aspects of your life and will help you mend relationships so that you can go forward on the best possible foot in your life of sobriety. If you are wondering, “where is a drug rehab near me,” Contact us to get help. If we aren’t the ones who can help, we will find someone who can.