Is a Life Skills Group Necessary in Early Recovery?

Getting a Good Frame of Mind

When you’re working towards recovery, it’s a mental battle. The frame of mind you develop and hold yourself to is the key to success. Addiction comes from within, the drug or alcohol being abused is a symptom of something deeper. So getting the right frame of mind is the best way to get started. A life skills group will help you recognize negative thinking patterns, understanding how those negative thoughts lead to harmful actions, and how you can take control and agency over your behaviors by way of thinking. You can learn how to maintain a good attitude and trust yourself and others. 

Taking on Difficult Things

A part of recovery is resolving and avoiding conflicts. Conflict, between yourself and someone else, conflicts within yourself, and conflicts between you and your environment are all things that play into your ability to succeed in recovery. A life skills group tackles this by way of helping you recognize your behaviors and words that can impact others, teaching you how to manage negative behaviors, and developing strategies for when you inevitably come into contact with difficult people or difficult situations. This is all about taking your good attitude and applying it when it’s not so easy to not be angry at the world. 

Moving Forward

Another aspect of your life that a life skills group can help you is being proactive in your environment. It’s not just about reacting and managing that, but how to take your next best step. How can you make a good first impression? How can you more easily develop friendships and relationships? You can begin to understand the power of your image and the impression you leave, learning to speak body language, and how to identify and form a goal around the image you want to cultivate and leave folks with. 

Taking Action

In that same vein, it’s important to take on the initiative. A life skills group can help you develop, own, and stick to a plan of action to reach the goals you have. You can learn how to prioritize aspects of your life that will take you to new places and grow yourself and your career. You can learn to plan personal, educational, and occupational goals and identify the right actions to take. 

It’s All About Balance 

Life in recovery is not easy and there’s no formula to make sure you’re making the right decisions or going on the right path. You won’t always respond to stress in a healthy way, you won’t always make friends or get that job you’re interviewing for. It’s about balance and trying your best. And that’s how a life skills group can truly help you.  Mile High Recovery Center is here for you in your recovery. If you have questions, now is the time to get in contact with us and find out how to get addiction help

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