What Steps Do I Need to Take Before Entering a Rehab?

Understand the Signs of Addiction

Addiction is sneaky. It may be a stretch of bad months or simply too many nights hanging with friends enjoying alcohol or another mind altering substance. Suddenly you find yourself with an unhealthy relationship and obsession with alcohol or drugs. It may not be obvious to you. Your mind wants to protect you. But others will take notice of mood swings, your isolation, and your excessive use of something. Are you drinking alone? Do you feel physically uncomfortable when you don’t drink or use drugs? These are signs of an addiction.

Is Addiction Rehab Right For Me?

Rehab is not one size fits all. It depends on the severity of your addiction. Some folks can handle an outpatient rehab program without disrupting their life and routine too much. Others need to be taken completely out of their environment and put somewhere new with a completely new structure to their day and habits. No two addictions are the same.  A doctor or rehab center can help you decide which option is best for you. 

What Can I Expect When I Go To Rehab?

Rehab is about you and what you put into it. You’ll have care, you’ll have resources, but ultimately the work is on you. You can expect structure and routine. A big part of rehab is making sure you feel secure in your environment. You can expect group and individual therapy where you will be expected to be open and honest. You can expect to be given a healthy diet. Ultimately rehab is about facing what led to your addiction in the first place. 

What Can I Expect After Treatment?

Treatment really never ends. Addiction is a life long struggle. For some it’s more of a struggle than for others. But staying sober is something that will be part of your daily life and goals long after you have left a rehab. But upon returning to the outside world you can expect to keep up with treatment through outpatient work which involves more counseling and accountability work. You may find help with job placement if you were not able to keep your job. You won’t be thrown into the world without a safety net after rehab is over. You may also not be entirely successful the first time. Relapse is common and often a part of the process that you shouldn’t feel ashamed about.  Mile High Continuing Care can be your ally in your battle against addiction and your quest towards sobriety. We pride ourselves in our insistence on strong family involvement, community and mutual aid, preventive relapse skills, customized programs, and more. Our program is designed for real people who are facing addiction in the real world. We’ll meet you where you are and help you get the treatment you need for the best possible future.

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