What Can an Addiction Alumni Program Do for You?

Addiction can feel like an isolating disease. Families, loved ones, and coworkers can find it hard to understand a person’s addiction. Community, however, can make a difference in addiction recovery. If you or someone in your life is struggling with addiction, you know how lonely it can be. While some people in recovery have the support of family and close friends, others may not. Alumni programs and addiction support groups can help prevent relapse through community.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and looking for rehab programs, Mile High Recovery Center can help. Our Denver, Colorado addiction treatment center focuses on community through relapse prevention groups. Call us today at 303-268-2144 to learn more about our alumni program.

What Is an Alumni Program for Addiction Treatment?

Addiction treatment programs work like school. A client enters the program and graduates when their detox and sobriety goals are reached. After graduation, a client becomes an alumnus. Alumni can help those in early recovery navigate sobriety after rehab. Most residential and outpatient treatment programs provide extended care through alumni programs. These programs include:

  • 12-step programs
  • Relapse prevention groups
  • Sober alumni events
  • After-care planning
  • Post-rehab planning
  • Accountability partners
  • One-on-one support
  • Long-lasting friendships

Alumni programs focus on individuals and the community. With members from all ages and walks of life, alumni programs provide perspective and practical advice. When people join an alumni program, they see their experience is not unique. Everyone struggles, and members of alumni programs can help navigate those struggles. Whether someone is going to their first family event since rehab or their first job interview, alumni programs can help.

Is an Alumni Program Right For Me?

The best part of alumni programs is their effectiveness. A person can join an alumni program at any stage of recovery. Programs like Alcoholics Anonymous extend beyond individual rehab centers to a broad global support network. An alumni program might be right for you if:

  • You struggle with addiction triggers.
  • You have a small social circle dedicated to sobriety.
  • You have difficult family relationships.
  • You’re living in a new city.
  • You’re going through major life transitions.
  • You’re looking for solidarity and structure in your life.
  • You’re worried you can’t stay sober on your own.
  • You’re transitioning from inpatient to outpatient rehab.
  • You’re looking to be part of an extended community.

Alumni programs help people build structure after their initial detox. Weekly meetings hold members accountable and provide safe spaces to address real-life stress and addiction triggers. For many, alumni programs can ease the pressures they face returning home after initial residential rehab. For others in outpatient programs, alumni programs can help them balance sobriety and home life.

Relapse Prevention Groups and Alumni Programs in Denver, Colorado

Alumni programs can help members take stock of their accomplishments. They’re a constant reminder that no one is alone in their addiction. They can also provide a community that deeply understands the experience of addiction and its effects on our lives. If you or someone in your life is struggling with addiction, Mile High Recovery Center can help. Our programs focus on long-term recovery. We believe everyone deserves at least a year of addiction treatment for long, successful sobriety. This includes relapse prevention groups, Suboxone support groups, and alumni programs.

Located in Denver’s City Center district, our urban clinic helps individuals and their families recover from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. We know addiction can be lonely, and the community at Mile High Recovery Center can help.

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