5 Benefits of Outpatient Rehab

Addiction is a chronic disease and, as such, requires treatment. The goal is remission – lasting sobriety. How best to achieve that result and live a life of wellness and possibility? There is no single best answer for every person dealing with a substance use disorder. Instead, there are many excellent choices, and you can find the one that is best for you. There is a range of outpatient treatment options, including a regular outpatient program (OP), intensive outpatient program (IOP), and partial hospitalization program (PHP). Find out which one will offer you the best outcomes at an outpatient rehab center.

At Mile High Recovery Center in Denver, CO, we offer outpatient rehab for addiction to alcohol and drugs using evidence-based therapies provided by skilled, experienced, and compassionate clinicians and addiction specialists. Learn the benefits of outpatient programs and how you can access the best level of care while living at home. Reach out for answers to all your questions by calling Mile High Recovery Center at 303-268-2144 or completing our online form.

Outpatient Programs for Substance Use Disorders

The three basic kinds of outpatient rehab for addiction are based on your addiction history, medical history, mental health history, and time commitment flexibility.

  • Low-intensity outpatient programs – These are ideal for people who cannot leave their life and job responsibilities behind for long, do not have co-occurring mental health disorders, and have no history of relapse. The time commitment is about six to 10 hours per week.
  • Intensive outpatient programs – IOPs require a greater time commitment, approximately 15-20 hours per week, and are ideal for those with a more severe or long-term addiction who may have experienced relapse in the past.
  • Partial hospitalization programs – A PHP involves more time and is the highest level of care for people still living at home. You will be at the outpatient rehab center for up to 30 hours per week and will need to make accommodations at work or school and find support to help with family and other personal commitments.

Benefits of Outpatient Rehab

The benefits of outpatient rehab are many. Five of the top benefits are listed below:

  1. Home – For many people, where they lay their heads at night makes a difference in their wellbeing. The comforting familiarity of home is a form of support that can’t be overlooked. Outpatient rehab for addiction may be the perfect answer for those who want addiction treatment but want to sleep in their own bed and be surrounded by their comfort items.
  2. People – An outpatient rehab center is perfect for those who want to keep close ties to the people in their lives whom they trust and depend on. Outpatient treatment does not work if your support system at home is not reliable and 100% on board with your goals. But when they are, they can be an enormous asset to your recovery.
  3. Responsibility – If being accountable to family, work, or school is an essential part of how you envision your recovery, then enrolling in outpatient treatment is a great idea. If you want to commit to both your recovery and your personal responsibilities, you can do that in an outpatient program.
  4. Best of both – One of the benefits of outpatient rehab is making the most of two worlds. You will receive evidence-based treatments, learn life skills, and connect with peers while in rehab, and then at home, you will connect with outside resources that will provide you with continuing support after discharge from your program. You also get to practice the skills you learn in rehab in real-time when you are outside the rehab center and process any bumps or challenges you face when you return the next day to your outpatient program.
  5. Cost – For many people, the cost of rehab is something they have to consider closely. Most rehab programs take insurance, but the out-of-pocket expenses can be higher when room and board are added. You may find that you can receive three months of outpatient rehab for addiction at the same cost as one month of residential treatment. If your co-pay or deductible is high, or if you are un- or under-insured, outpatient programs are an excellent choice.

Outpatient Rehab for Addiction at Mile High Recovery Center

Reach out to find out exactly how Mile High Recovery Center in Denver, CO, can help you on your recovery journey with one of our three outpatient options – OP, IOP, and PHP. Our clinicians and addiction specialists are experienced and compassionate. Your recovery is our mission.

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