5 Benefits of Joining a Relapse Prevention Program

The iron grip of addiction often feels too strong to loosen. Still, addiction treatment programs like the one at Mile High Recovery Center in Denver, CO, can and do make a huge difference for people who seek lasting recovery. Evidence-based therapies provided by professionals combined with comprehensive addiction relapse prevention programs offer excellent outcomes for people with substance use disorders, including alcohol, opiate, and stimulant addictions.

Don’t become a statistic. Give yourself the gift of quality addiction rehab and reap the benefits of addiction alumni programs. Mile High Recovery Center can help you successfully navigate recovery for the long haul. Find out how by reaching out to us today, either by uploading our online form or calling us at 303-268-2144. We are ready to answer all your questions and assure you that recovery is possible.

Relapse Prevention Programs

Statistics say that over 50% of first-time rehab graduates relapse within the first year. It is important to understand that relapse does not mean failure. That kind of thinking can harm your recovery for numerous reasons. Since addiction is a chronic disease, relapse is simply a risk that must be taken into account while doing all we can to prevent it if possible.

Relapse prevention programs reduce the risks of relapse and also make it easier for people to return swiftly to sobriety if they do relapse. Alumni program benefits are as important as the treatment you receive in rehab. If you are curious about relapse prevention benefits, let Mile High Recovery Center offer you some information. Call 303-268-2144 today to talk to a staff member.

Five Benefits of Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is ideally woven into the programming of an addiction treatment rehab center as well as the critical component in an alumni program. At Mile High Recovery Center, we have a very engaged alumni base that can be tapped into upon discharge from rehab. The benefits of addiction alumni programs and relapse prevention, in general, are many.

Here are five clear relapse prevention benefits:

  1. You learn the skills you need to navigate recovery – Clearly structured skills-based education begins in rehab and continues post-discharge in an alumni aftercare program. You learn to identify your particular triggers and high-risk situations, places, and people, how to avoid or defuse them, and specific skills for managing your emotional and psychological cravings.
  2. You reframe your attitude toward the idea of relapse – So many people fixate on the possibility of relapse, their fear of it, and their worry that they are not up to the task of living a sober life that their thoughts about relapse endanger their recovery. Like behavioral therapies you experience in rehab, in relapse prevention, you shift your perceptions of relapse to see beyond it to your best life and start living it.
  3. You gain confidence in your own recovery – The empowerment you can feel when you are in recovery is not the same as being in control. You will come to realize that you are not in control of your addiction, but you are the captain of your own recovery. Confidence comes along with self-forgiveness, self-care, and acceptance.
  4. You continue to benefit from your support group – As you transition from rehab to life after rehab, you will take some of your support group with you and connect with new peers in your town or community who are in recovery. With an addiction prevention alumni program, you are never left alone to navigate your newfound sobriety. You will continue to connect with your rehab peer group and benefit from their support and ability to hold you accountable with compassion and honesty.
  5. You will improve your outcomes – Simply put, one of the most significant benefits of relapse prevention is the increased chance of long-term recovery success. That is not to say you are guaranteed never to relapse. If you do, you will know how to recommit to your recovery without self-blame or shame.

Addiction Relapse Prevention Programs at Mile High Recovery Center

At Mile High Recovery Center, we incorporate relapse prevention into our treatment programs and our alumni aftercare program. You will be provided with the tools you need to navigate your recovery successfully.

Find out more about how we support you in your recovery during and after rehab. Call 303-268-2144 or submit our online form to talk to a counselor today.

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