5 Benefits of Dual Diagnosis in Colorado

The Centennial State is a beautiful United States location with a lot to offer. However, it ranks nine out of 50 for addiction rates.1 Denver also has slightly higher rates of addiction and co-occurring disorders than the rest of the state.2 In Denver, Colorado, dual diagnosis benefits are essential—which is why Mile High Recovery Center prioritizes providing excellent dual diagnosis treatment. Everyone has a right to live a mentally healthy, substance-free life.

The links between mental health disorders and addiction are well documented. An integrated treatment approach’s effectiveness in both conditions is also well established. Mile High Recovery Center can answer any questions you or your family have about co-occurring disorders and the benefits of dual diagnosis treatment in Colorado. Reach out today to learn more. You can submit this easy online form or call us at 303-268-2144.

Why Use an Integrated Approach to Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Historically, the two disorders—substance use and mental health—were treated separately and consecutively. It was discovered that a far more effective approach was to address both simultaneously in a coordinated treatment plan that integrates treatment for both disorders. The move to dual diagnosis treatment was significant for those diagnosed with a substance use disorder (SUD) and another mental health disorder, which is roughly half the people in the U.S. struggling with addiction.

A group of professionals formulates an interdisciplinary plan using expertise from mental health therapists, physicians, counselors, coaches, and mindfulness professionals. Dual diagnosis treatment is comprehensive while avoiding a duplication of services. It allows you to make the most of every day you are in treatment and access a multidisciplinary team of experts.

5 Dual Diagnosis Benefits

1. Access to Individual and Family Therapy

Personal and family therapy effectively help you process your addiction in the context of your mental health, guide you and your family to heal relationship wounds, and allow your home support group to be informed advocates on your behalf.

2. Targeted Treatment

Targeted treatment means that the professionals with whom you work in dual diagnosis treatment understand precisely what they are treating—two linked disorders. Targeted treatment means your therapist won’t let the symptoms of one disorder derail the progress made on the other.

3. Confronting Stigma

Breaking the stigma is one benefit of dual diagnosis treatment that can affect the foundations of your self-esteem. By entering a dual diagnosis program, you will understand that you are not alone and that co-occurring disorders are prevalent and nothing to be ashamed about.

4. Helpful Tools and Skills

Life skills and new habits of mind are essential in dual diagnosis. You will learn how to navigate the world in recovery while also knowing how to manage your mental health diagnosis. You will learn these skills while in treatment, so they begin to take firm root by the time you go home.

5. Increased Chance of Recovery Success

Improved long-term recovery outcomes are perhaps the most powerfully affirming benefit of dual diagnosis treatment. When you receive the integrated treatment of a dual diagnosis approach, your risk of relapse goes down.

If you or someone you care about suffers from co-occurring addiction and mental health disorder, you owe it to yourself to reap the benefits of dual diagnosis treatment.

Experience Dual Diagnosis Benefits in Colorado at Mile High Recovery Center

Mile High Recovery Center in Denver, CO, is located near Capitol Hill, Congress Park, and the Botanic Gardens. Our extensive evidence-based treatment offerings in an inpatient or outpatient format include dual diagnosis treatment. Regardless of your mental health diagnosis or what substance you struggle with, our professional clinicians can help you on the road to recovery and mental well-being.

Reach out today to learn more about Colorado dual diagnosis benefits and how Mile High Recovery Center can help you today. Complete this online form or call 303-268-2144 to connect to the support you deserve and the information you need.


1CBS News – Colorado Ranks No. 9 In The U.S. For Highest Drug Use, Study Finds
2SAMHSA – The NSDUH Report Metro Brief: Substance Use and Mental Disorders in the Denver-Aurora-Broomfield Metropolitan Statistical Area

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