What to Expect in Colorado Inpatient Psychotherapy

Of the nearly 6 million residents in Colorado, three in 10 struggle with some form of mental health disorder every year.1 For those planning to enroll in a treatment center, there are several Colorado inpatient psychotherapy expectations you should be familiar with so you are prepared for what’s to come. Psychotherapy uses various therapeutic techniques that include behavioral and medical support. Enrolling in a Colorado inpatient treatment program center is the best option for men and women whose symptoms prevent them from living healthy lives.

At Mile High Recovery Center, we support individuals who struggle with mental health through our treatment center near downtown on East Colfax Avenue, close to St. Joseph Hospital. Our certified therapists create an atmosphere of trust and open communication where clients can openly talk about their feelings and begin regaining their self-confidence. We offer residential and outpatient treatment programs and a strong alumni program to help our clients through every phase of their recovery. Call 303-268-2144 today to discover all the benefits of enrolling in our Colorado inpatient treatment program center.

When Inpatient Therapy in Colorado Is Crucial

Men and women who experience depression and anxiety will go to great lengths to hide their mental anguish. This country holds an unhealthy view of psychotherapy and mental health disorders in general. They believe you can simply “get over it” or use drugs and alcohol to feel better without the risk of addiction. This unhealthy attitude has significantly increased depression, anxiety, and substance abuse cases due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are concerned a friend or loved one is struggling with their mental health and needs help, here are some signs that they need to enroll in a Colorado inpatient psychotherapy program:

  • Their drinking or drug use has increased, causing financial strain, relationship issues, or problems keeping up with work or school.
  • They lose interest in their favorite activities and prefer being at home alone.
  • You notice they have frequent mood changes.
  • They struggle to get out of bed in the morning or need drugs or alcohol to function normally.
  • They have insomnia or can sleep all day and still feel exhausted.

At Mile High Recovery Center, we will review what to expect in Colorado inpatient psychotherapy during admission. Our team will thoroughly assess your mental health and create a tailored treatment program involving several treatment phases.

Colorado Inpatient Psychotherapy Expectations

Colorado inpatient psychotherapy offers beneficial treatment for depression, substance abuse, bipolar disorders, and other mental health disorders. The therapy clients participate in will help them uncover the root cause of their mental health disorders and develop healthy coping skills for managing their symptoms.

Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the most common therapy used to treat many mental health disorders. It helps clients see the potential for change and develop a healthier self-image and a better outlook on their lives.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Several types of medication can reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and drug and alcohol withdrawal and cravings. Medical staff will administer medications as part of the treatment program and monitor each client for adverse effects. These medications are for temporary relief and will not be necessary once completing the program for most patients.

Group and Individual Therapy

Clients will participate in group and private therapy sessions for a well-rounded recovery experience. Group therapy is excellent for practicing coping and communication skills, gaining unique perspectives on how others cope with their symptoms, and developing healthy relationships with their peers.

Family Therapy

A vital part of the recovery process will include spouses, children, parents, and siblings. All family members will have a chance to talk to a therapist about any frustrations or negative feelings. They will also learn to become a vital part of the recovery process.

Going over the Colorado inpatient psychotherapy expectations with people interested in talking with a therapist can be instrumental in getting them into recovery. It can dispel any assumptions about recovery and motivate them to build a healthy lifestyle.

Find Inpatient Psychotherapy in Colorado at Mile High Recovery Center

At Mile High Recovery Center, our inpatient therapy in Colorado is available for individuals and their families struggling with substance abuse, depression, or other mental health disorders. Our accredited treatment facility is close to City Park, with a zoo, museum, and trails for hiking. Clients can focus on their recovery full-time in comfortable rooms with a dedicated team helping them along their recovery journey.

To learn more about our inpatient psychotherapy programs, contact Mile High Recovery Center today at 303-268-2144 to speak with one of our caring team members or fill out our online form.


1. Colorado Behavioral Health Administration – Mental Health

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