What to Expect in Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) is effective in treating substance use disorders (SUDs) because it focuses on a person’s inner drive to change behaviors to live a sober life of recovery. For people struggling with SUDs, motivational enhancement therapy can support long-term recovery.

At Mile High Recovery Center in Denver, Colorado, we offer motivational enhancement therapy for those struggling with addiction. If you want to know what to expect in motivational enhancement therapy, connect with us by calling 303-268-2144 or filling out our online form. Our caring and compassionate team of professionals can answer those questions and more.

About Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Many people with SUDs spend a great deal of time in denial. It is one of the pitfalls of addiction and often keeps people from successfully beginning recovery. A counselor trained in MET helps clients look clearly and honestly at their drug and alcohol use. A realistic self-assessment is necessary for anyone before they can engage fully in rehab, ongoing therapy, and the processes needed for recovery.

MET is based on the principles of motivational interviewing, listed below:

  • Establishing empathy – Truth-telling and trust help you feel seen and heard.
  • Accepting discrepancy – There is a disconnect between where you are and where you want to be. Acknowledging that gap allows you to work towards goals.
  • Avoiding negativity – If you decide on your goals and want to learn how to change, and your therapist supports you with positivity, you can prevent self-judgment or fear that you’ll be attacked or diminished. You set the tone together.
  • Accepting resistance – Resistance comes with addiction. You can get past it only when judgment is absent. Accepting resistance means you may not see progress until you do.
  • Supporting belief in yourself – You have the power to change. You want to change. But it is not until you believe in yourself that change will begin. MET helps you get there.

What are your MET expectations? The long-term goal is to embody the strong motivation you need to work on the changes you hope to make. On the way to that goal, there are some steps you will take.

Common Motivational Enhancement Therapy Expectations

MET is a time-limited process that lasts only four to six sessions.

The first thing that happens in MET is an assessment. In the first session with your MET therapist, you will review your history, where you are, and how you feel about your SUD and the possibility of sobriety. Goals may not yet seem firm in your mind, but you can discuss them, and your therapist will utilize the principles of motivational interviewing.

Next, you can expect between three and five follow-up sessions. In these sessions, your therapist will call upon motivational strategies that will help you:

  • Build your self-awareness
  • Overcome your ambivalence
  • Make a plan for change
  • Forge a strong motivation that will help you at each stage.

Thanks to MET, your ongoing rehab experience will likely be more productive and successful. Finding your inner motivation to change your life is the first step of a significant journey.

Find Motivational Enhancement Therapy in Colorado at Mile High Recovery Center

At Mile High Recovery Center, our MET-trained therapists can guide you toward your inner motivation and set you up for success in recovery. All our therapies and treatments are evidence-based and provided in a range of outpatient programs or residential rehab programs. To learn more about what to expect in motivational enhancement therapy, contact Mile High Recovery Center today at 303-268-2144 or simply complete this easy online form. Our caring and compassionate team of professionals looks forward to helping you take the first step toward wellness.

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