Important Facts About Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

We boast a robust and extremely important Mile High Recovery Center’s privacy policy. We’re upfront about what data we collect, where it’s used, and why.

We’re not in the business to make a buck off of unethical use of data or trying to find out more about you than want you to want us to know.

We want you to be aware of that right off the bat. But there are some important parts of our privacy policy you should take note of and have for your records.

Privacy policies are a legal requirement for any entity that collects personal information and that privacy policy needs to be visible and accessible to users in any form your website might take.

Recently, the importance of transparency in data collection and use has been on the spot light and lawmakers are cracking down on inappropriate use of data.

We want to abide by the laws of Colorado and at the federal level.

What We Do With Comments

If you leave a comment on one of our blog posts or elsewhere on the site, we collect the comments themselves as well as the IP address of the comment poster and the browser used to leave the comment.

We do this as a form of protection against spam and bot accounts. We also utilize a third-party system called Gravatar which has its own privacy policy you should explore.

Cookies, Media, and Embedded Content

You have the ability to opt-in for saving your information on our site for future use and ease. These cookies will last for one year.

The cookies you utilize for logging in or commenting on the site utilize temporary cookies that do not store personal information.

If you upload any media to the website in the form of images you should avoid embedding with location data included which can be downloaded to extract your location data.

Embedded content on the site will behave as if the user has visited that website and they may collect data about you, utilize cookies, or employ another tracking.

What We Do With Your Data

Any metadata we collect is stored indefinitely for identification purposes and if you have an account with us you can edit or delete public information at any time.

You can, at any time, request to receive an exported file of the personal data we have stored about you.

You can also request this data be erased forever but not included in this is data we are obligated to keep for legal or security purposes.

The only place we send your data is through the spam detection service, mentioned above.

It is our goal to keep your data protected and accessible to you at any time.

We abide by all state and federal laws around privacy and data and want only to create the best possible experience for our users while keeping everyone safe and the website free from spam or other risks.

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