How does alcohol rehab work

Someone going into alcohol rehab can be daunting. Even if you want to quit, the thought of quitting is scary and may not be something you want to go through. You might be nervous about what happens at rehab, leaving behind your life and family. This is how alcohol rehab works.


The first step in alcohol rehab is check-in. you will go through an intake interview and staff members will find out more about you. This will be used to create your treatment plan. The common length of stay is anywhere from 28-30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. 


If you are still under the influence, the detox process begins. This is when you begin to remove drugs or alcohol from your body after long-term abuse. This can be a difficult process, and it is important to cleanse your body of these substances in order to get ready for sobriety. Everyone’s detox process is different, and will depend on the substance you consume, and how long you have been consuming it. 

Alcohol Rehab Therapy

Therapy is the most effective method of treatment. It can help you learn to overcome your cravings, avoid relapses, and remain sober.

Individual Therapy

During individual therapy for addiction, you will be one-on-one with health care professionals. You will learn about yourself, and how addiction has affected your life. Your therapist should help you to understand your triggers and how to deal with them.

Family Counseling

For those who need to work with their family to heal, family therapy has been shown to improve the outcome of rehab. Especially because family members are often deeply affected by a loved one’s addiction.

Alcohol Rehab Aftercare Planning

After rehab is over you and your counselor should have come up with a good plan for continuing care. This is essentially your aftercare plan. It should be based on how far you are in your recovery journey.  Engaging in aftercare is shown to significantly increase rates of success and reduce drug and alcohol relapse rates. This is why it is an essential part of your rehab journey.

What to Expect

Your alcohol rehab journey will be full of social and medical support services. You will have a lot of help to aid in your transition, but you need to accept this help. This may include housing (like a sober living home), or follow-up therapy and counseling, as well as medical evaluations, alumni support groups, and other suggestions. It can help you to avoid triggers that might cause you to relapse.

What You Should Know

If you are suffering from  substance abuse, alcohol or drugs, then you need to get help. It may be daunting, but it is the first step to getting healthy and saving your life. Typically rehab is a very enlightening and positive experience. Do not allow your fears to hold you back.

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