What to Expect in Colorado Inpatient Dual Diagnosis

More than half the people in Colorado struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD) also have a mental health disorder.1 These numbers are higher than the national average, but fortunately, there is an effective treatment for co-occurring disorders in Colorado. It’s called dual diagnosis treatment, which addresses mental health and substance use disorders simultaneously in […]

Can I Have Visitors in a Residential Treatment Center?

It is common for people considering a drug addiction residential recovery facility to feel anxiety about whether they can receive visitors while in treatment. The idea of starting rehab is daunting enough, but the idea of being separated from loved ones for several weeks can create additional stress. Are you interested in Denver, Colorado, residential […]

Can I Keep My Job if I Go to a Residential Recovery Center?

Drug or alcohol addiction can result in numerous harmful outcomes, including health issues, fractured relationships, poor job performance, financial struggles, and even death. We know that, though drug and alcohol rehab can disrupt your life, continuing to abuse substances will disturb your life far more. You may be thinking about residential addiction treatment, and this […]

5 Benefits of Inpatient Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy, a treatment practice for mental health and substance abuse disorders, is founded on the study of medicine and the social sciences. Over the last 100 years, since the era of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, psychotherapy has taken great leaps forward. Research has proven its efficacy many times over, and it is considered standard […]

Inpatient Psychotherapy Treatment

One in five Americans lives with a mental health disorder. Some people deal with mental health challenges at certain times, and others cope with a chronic psychiatric diagnosis throughout life. Some people have a mental health crisis or a severe enough mental health diagnosis that entering inpatient treatment for stabilization and treatment is the best […]

Does Inpatient Treatment Offer EMDR?

Inpatient treatment for mental health or substance use disorders offers a unique opportunity to immerse even more fully in all aspects of therapies you might also access in an outpatient program. The benefits of inpatient treatment are many, so that whatever therapies you engage in are likely to be amplified by the intense focus that […]

Does Inpatient Treatment Actually Work?

Drug and alcohol addiction takes a tremendous toll on people every year, including deaths by overdose or other drug and alcohol-related situations. A great deal of research and development is done across the country to find the most effective solutions to the problem of substance use disorders (SUDs). Does inpatient treatment work better than outpatient […]

What to Expect in an Inpatient Treatment Program

The world of addiction treatment can seem confusing because there are so many kinds of rehab within which you have numerous options. But that’s a good thing because once you sort through what’s out there, you can find the best rehab option for you and your specific needs and goals. If you think residential rehab […]

5 Benefits of Inpatient Treatment for Alcoholism

Despite the fact that nearly 15 million people suffer from alcohol addiction and there are close to 100,000 alcohol-related deaths annually, fewer than one in 10 people who suffer from an alcohol use disorder receive treatment. Addiction treatment centers often have waiting lists, and new rehab facilities cannot be built fast enough. And yet we […]

Inpatient Treatment for Alcoholism

Given the fact that over 85% of Americans self-report drinking alcohol to some degree, the use of alcohol seems here to stay. It is readily available, legal, and served at celebrations, ceremonies, and at the dinner table. Some people become addicted to alcohol. In fact, nearly 15 million people over age 12 suffer from an […]