Can I Learn Early Recovery Skills?

Recovery Skills?

Recovery, like many things about alcoholism and addiction treatment, is broken into stages and steps. In early recovery skills and education are very important to learn and understand .

Overall the stages of change in recovery look like this:

  1. pre-contemplation
  2. contemplation
  3. preparation
  4. action
  5. maintenance

This is true for a lot of things from addiction treatment to seeking out therapy for regular emotional assistance in life.

First 90 Days

But navigating recovery is challenging and sometimes lack of solid recovery skills can lead to relapses and small failures.

At Mile High Recovery Center Colorado, we focus and emphasize the importance of finding your way through recovery. In addition to understanding the challenges, you’ll face at different stages of it.

It’s normal to have setbacks and normal to struggle at times.

Our program helps you through the steps and helps get you through your first 90 days of early recovery to live a lifetime of happiness and health.

Phase One

Treatment starts out intensive and constant to get you through the hardest part.

The early days of achieving sobriety are difficult for several reasons.

After spending time in a facility and returning to the world for the first time, it may be a shock to you. Experiencing old places and old habits can potentially lead to you slipping back into old alcohol habits.

During this time we offer 5 days a week of intensive services. This is to help you transition and get you to access to anti-craving medications.

Phase Two

At this point, you’ll be fully back in your own home and community, away from the sober living arrangements of your first phase.

You still have access to services five days a week but they’re less intensive and more focused on assistance and counseling to help you clinically and socially achieve normalcy.

There’s more freedom here but you have a constant support system to lean on while achieving independence. 

Phase Three

You’ll have access to your personal therapist up to five times a week to help you as you transition back into work and can navigate the dangerous time of potential relapses.

You experience ongoing trauma symptoms at this time and need assistance in the maintenance of your sobriety.

You’ll continue to have support but the focus is on independence and integrating fully back into the world.

This will take you through your first year of sobriety and set you up for success for many years after.

Ways to Succeed in Early Recovery

This is a difficult time, it’s important to be kind to yourself and rely on your support system.

Celebrate your milestones, however small. Don’t be upset when urges happen (and they will happen).

Make time for relaxation and recreation in your life, utilize your support services.

Make sure you’re careful about the friends you spend your time with as you break old habits and social ties that lead you to abuse in the first place.

Find out more about early recovery and how we can help you through it.

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