What Are the Best Attainable Goals for Long-Term Addiction Treatment?

Long-term addiction treatment encompasses the therapies and care provision you receive while enrolled in a program as well as your long-term post-rehab recovery. Both goals focus on your well-being throughout a lifetime of sobriety and healthy living.

At Mile High Recovery Center, we offer a wide range of therapies that can be accessed in residential or outpatient programs. By individualizing your program to your precise needs and offering an extended-reach day treatment program for up to a year, we can use a coordinated approach to help you reach your long-term goals. To learn more about our long-term drug treatment center in Denver, give us a call at 303-268-2144 or fill out our online form.

What are Recovery Goals?

When you first decide to enter addiction treatment, your immediate objective is to stop using and avoid relapse triggers. Behind that desire, whether conscious or not, is an underlying wish to set things right in your life – the things that went awry because of your substance use disorder. The reasons people want to stop using are many and include long-term goals such as:

  • Restoring relationships – An excellent goal is to learn to communicate honestly and with vulnerability with those you care about. It is possible to rebuild relationships that suffered during your battle with addiction.
  • Reconfirming your career or job goals – Whether you stayed in a job through your rehab or have struggled with employment due to your addiction, you can reassess your career or education options once you are in recovery.
  • Living a healthier lifestyle – Getting rid of drugs and alcohol is the first step in healthy living. A positive long-term goal is to double down on that commitment to health by eating better, exercising, meditating – whatever you think will enhance your general wellness.
  • Achieving financial stability – Addiction often derails financial security through excessive spending on drugs or job loss. People often become buried in debt. Setting the intention to get your finances on track is an excellent long-term goal.

Benefits of Extended-Reach Day Treatment

Falling between the cracks is not an option when you receive long-term addiction treatment. The benefits of extended-reach day treatment include:

  • Practicing your newly learned skills in real-time – An important long-term goal is for learned sobriety skills to become second nature. Though still receiving professional care, you live independently and navigate your life. This transitional time, when you have access to support as you navigate your life, can make a big difference in your outcomes.
  • Uninterrupted peer support – The peer support you receive in rehab is still with you in long-term addiction treatment or aftercare programs. You will still attend 12-step meetings and may even continue group therapy during extended-reach day treatment.
  • Ongoing access to therapy – You should not have to figure out how to access care once you leave an addiction treatment program. The research and paperwork alone could become a deterrent. By stepping down into long-term treatment, you will keep meeting with your therapist and receiving uninterrupted therapy.
  • A sense of security – Ending rehab is something to celebrate, but it can leave you vulnerable if you don’t feel ready. There is a high risk of relapse at the end of a 30, 60, or even 90-day treatment plan. With long-term treatment, that risk goes way down. Extending treatment allows your therapists to follow you for a full year to support your recovery. When you leave rehab after a year, you will be in a solid position to live a sober, healthy life.

Learn More About the Long-Term Addiction Treatment Center at Mile High Recovery Center

S.T.E.P.S (Substance Treatment Extended Program Services) is an extended care program at Mile High Recovery Center. When people receive professional recovery support for a full year, they achieve the most lasting success. Whether you have a co-occurring mental health diagnosis, deal with trauma, have relapsed in the past, or simply want to give yourself the best chance for sustainable sobriety, learn more about our long-term addiction treatment program.

If you’re interested in a long-term drug treatment center in Denver and want to find out how Mile High Recovery Center supports your ongoing recovery journey, call us at 303-268-2144 or use our online form.

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