Does Family Therapy Actually Work?

Relationships within the family erode over time when one of its members is struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD). Lost trust and ineffectual communications strain even the strongest family bonds. It is not uncommon for members of a family in which addiction is taking a heavy toll to no longer recognize themselves and one another, so broken and twisted have the dynamics become. Worry, anger, anxiety, hurt, resentment, and grief all play a role. Is it possible to rebuild the family? Not only is it possible, but it is even possible to rebuild it into something more substantial and healthier than it was before.

How, you might ask? Family therapy. Does family therapy actually work? It does. Mile High Recovery Center’s rehab programming includes family therapy in Denver, Colorado. We see families reconnect and heal as one of their own begins recovery. You probably still have questions. Get answers to all of them by reaching out to Mile High Recovery Center today via the online form or by calling 303-268-2144.

How Does Family Therapy Actually Work?

Family therapy addresses long-standing and intergenerational behavior patterns that keep family members on a merry-go-round of repeated dysfunctional interactions and habits.

How do you turn a family trapped in enabling behaviors and patterns of co-dependence into an effective support network? This transformation is one of the most important benefits of family therapy.

If your family members answer “yes” to some of the questions below, family therapy will benefit you:

  • Are you afraid to talk to your loved one about their addiction out of fear of causing hurt or losing them?
  • Do you constantly feel let down because requests you make and rules you set in place are ignored and broken?
  • Are you frequently bailing your family member out of trouble by making excuses for them or paying their debts?
  • Has money gone missing, or are bills unpaid?’
  • Are anger and disquiet becoming the status quo within the family? Or conversely, are you walking on eggshells?
  • Are you often trapped, wanting to believe what they say about their drug use while knowing they are lying?
  • Do the painful emotions and fears within the family cause you to lash out in hurtful ways?

Family therapy allows all your family members to share everything listed above—and more—in a safe setting where everyone is heard and acknowledged. In family therapy, you all can address feelings of frustration, anger, shame, fear, disappointment, and resentment while building trust, empathy, and meaningful connection. Family therapy benefits the entire family unit and each individual who participates, making a path for healing and the successful recovery of the family member struggling with addiction.

Benefits of Family Therapy

In family therapy, a psychotherapist will guide the group at each session, ensuring a safe environment and that everyone has a chance to speak and be heard while listening with an open mind. Family therapy benefits everyone by helping you:

  • Reduce family conflict
  • Solve problems together
  • Learn healthy ways of communicating
  • Forge stronger bonds based on compassion and understanding
  • Understand your family dynamics
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries

Consider how your entire family can benefit from family therapy while supporting your loved one in recovery.

Find Family Therapy at Mile High Recovery Center

At Mile High Recovery Center in Denver, our evidence-based therapies provide excellent structure and support for those in recovery. Family therapy is a significant part of addiction rehab in outpatient or inpatient treatment. Learn more about how Mile High Recovery Center can help with your recovery and provide you with the benefits of family therapy for a healthy, stable future of sobriety and strong relationships.

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