Qualities of the Highest-Rated Inpatient Rehab Centers in Denver

Not all of the nearly 15,000 addiction rehab centers in the United States are the same, just as not all substance use disorders are the same. Each person has their own unique story of how they fell into the cycle of addiction. Addictions are uniquely comprised of genetic, environmental, psychological, and experiential factors. Finding a highly rated residential addiction treatment facility is possible with some research and knowledge of important qualities.

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What to Look for in Rehabilitation Centers in Denver, Colorado

There are some things that you want to see available in a residential rehab center to be confident that the standard of care is being met with best practices. Below are some of the essentials you will either see on the website or be able to confirm in a phone call or visit:

  • Medically managed detox with round-the-clock care – Withdrawal is the first step in the recovery process and can be a source of fear and anxiety for many people. When withdrawal is medically supervised and managed, the most uncomfortable symptoms can be mitigated with medication. The availability of counselors also eases the emotional tumult that is commonly part of this step.
  • Comprehensive, evidence-based therapies – No reputable addiction treatment will rely on a single modality, nor will it assume that the same therapies will work equally well for everyone. Look for a rehab program that offers a range of therapies supported by research and provided by knowledgeable staff.
  • Ability to treat co-occurring disorders – The co-occurrence of mental health issues with addiction is very common, and effective treatment requires a coordinated approach. Even if you are unaware of any mental health disorder, one may rear its head once treatment begins. You want to ensure the staff has the knowledge and skill to treat a dual diagnosis.
  • Family therapy options – Addiction is known as a family disease as it affects those close to the person with the substance use disorder and because family involvement is often critical to successful recovery. Highly rated inpatient rehab centers will offer family therapy.
  • Extended after-care program – Recovery is a lifetime goal, not something that is tied to a rehab time-clock. The point of addiction treatment is an ongoing success. That’s why the best rehab centers continue to support their clients after discharge from inpatient and outpatient programs in what is commonly called after-care programs. Continued therapy, sober activities, coaching, and other supports can help with relapse prevention.
  • Expert clinicians – Excellent rehab centers hire excellent staff. Check that those who provide treatment in any rehab you are considering are either fully licensed or licensure-seeking and under supervision by a licensed staff member. Combining experience with education and training is an excellent place to start when assessing clinical providers.

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