5 Benefits of Inpatient Treatment for Alcoholism

Despite the fact that nearly 15 million people suffer from alcohol addiction and there are close to 100,000 alcohol-related deaths annually, fewer than one in 10 people who suffer from an alcohol use disorder receive treatment. Addiction treatment centers often have waiting lists, and new rehab facilities cannot be built fast enough. And yet we know that one of the most effective ways to address alcoholism is inpatient treatment.

At Mile High Recovery Center, a Colorado inpatient treatment facility in Denver, we offer a range of options, including an inpatient treatment program that provides evidence-based, wrap-around care in a safe, comfortable setting. If you want to learn more about Mile High Recovery Center, find out about the benefits of inpatient alcohol addiction treatment, and learn about the process of starting your recovery with us, reach out today. Just fill out our online form or call us at 303-268-2144.

What Is an Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcoholism is now more commonly referred to as alcohol use disorder (AUD). Like all addictions, it is a medical condition under the umbrella of mental health disorders. If you have an AUD, you cannot stop or even control your use of alcohol despite the adverse effects of alcohol addiction on your life, such as:

  • Inability to fulfill job duties or job loss
  • Financial setbacks or catastrophes, from loss of savings to loss of home
  • Lying about your use of alcohol, including hiding liquor and empties
  • Physical health consequences
  • DUIs, minor or major automobile accidents, or loss of a driver’s license
  • Deterioration of relationships
  • Self-isolation and changes in behavior in order to drink

If you recognize some of the above in yourself or a loved one, consider the inpatient treatment benefits for an AUD.

Benefits of Inpatient Treatment for Alcoholism

How does choosing an inpatient rehab option impact your recovery? Considering that embarking on any recovery journey is worthy of celebration, inpatient alcohol addiction treatment has some distinct benefits.

  1. Long-term success – Let’s not save the best for last. The statistics show that the long-term outcomes for people who started their rehab in an inpatient program are even better than for outpatient rehab. Because of the inpatient treatment benefits, it is worth seeing if you can make it work. If it is an option for you, your risk of relapse is reduced.
  2. Feeling safe – One of the clear benefits of inpatient treatment for alcoholism is the security of your environment and the complete protection of your confidentiality. The facility will be devoid of all alcohol and any distractions from your pre-rehab life. For example, during the time you are in residence, you won’t have to see the people you associate with drinking, you won’t engage in activities that link to alcohol in your mind, and you’ll avoid the places in your neighborhood that make you want to drink.
  3. Round-the-clock support – Not only will you have the unqualified support of all the staff, but you will also be living and interacting daily with peers who share your journey. In group therapy, 12-step meetings, in the gym, and around the dinner table – you will have access to others, like you, who want to begin a sober life. Their support of you, and yours of them, will amplify the benefits of all the other aspects of your rehab experience.
  4. Time management – Planning, managing schedules and calendars, keeping track of tasks and responsibilities – these things take up an enormous part of our bandwidth on any given day. In an inpatient facility, your mind and time are greatly freed because all those things are taken care of for you. Your daily schedule will be created for you, and you’ll know when it’s time for therapy, time for relapse-prevention class, down-time, meal-time, and pretty much everything else, too. Focus on your recovery, not your schedule.
  5. Complete immersion – The 24/7 wrap-around care in an inpatient rehab provides unlimited access to expert professionals, the opportunity to invest more time in a range of evidence-based therapies than you would be able to do in outpatient rehab, and the head-space to focus fully on your recovery.

Find Relief With Colorado Inpatient AUD Treatment at Mile High Recovery Center

Inpatient treatment for alcoholism benefits you in many ways. If you have the flexibility and wherewithal to enroll in a residential treatment center to address your alcohol addiction, consider Mile High Recovery Center. We would love to speak to you about our programs, your options, and how we can facilitate your journey to sobriety. Call us today at 303-268-2144 or reach out through our online form.

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