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State opioid settlement money now being distributed

Author: Karen Morfitt (CBS News Colorado)
Published: 11:01 PM MST October 1, 2022

After decades of fueling the opioid epidemic, drug manufacturers are now paying the price.

“As a victim of that, I like to see that this funding is coming to us. Will it ever be enough? I don’t think so,” Sarah Zubrin said.

Today, Zubrin is not only in recovery herself, but leading others through it.

I’m the chief clinical officer of Mile High Recovery Center,” She said

They’re one of the organizations that could potentially benefit from the state’s nearly $400-million opioid settlement; money that is now being distributed.

“Mile High would love to see some clients be able to access more detox services, those immediate needs,” Zubrin said

The state plans to release money every year for the next 18 years.

in 2022 nearly 20 million dollars will go out across the state.

Denver will receive the largest amount of funding this year with nearly 5 million dollars.

Zubrin says any additional funding is welcome but given the scope of the problem, it’s just a start.

“I think $4 million will start to touch the services needed but the thing with substance use recovery is, it takes a long time. It’s not like I go to a hospital for one week and I’m done, and I’m cured,” Zubrin said.

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