What Is Motivational Enhancement Therapy?

Addiction is a powerful disease. Abusing an addictive substance—such as alcohol, meth, cocaine, or opioids—literally changes brain chemistry. The psychological factors of addiction include mechanisms such as denial. Thus, one of the first significant obstacles to seeking help for people with a substance use disorder (SUD) is their ambivalence. People like this may not react well to treatment like motivational enhancement therapy (MET), a therapeutic approach to help those with SUD who want to change.

There is a Denver, Colorado, motivational enhancement therapy option for you or a loved one who can benefit from this kind of support to begin the process of recovery. The MET program at Mile High Recovery Center is one of many evidence-based treatments available to clients who seek addiction rehab in Denver. You may be wondering: What is MET? How can MET help you? What are the first steps in seeking addiction treatment at Mile High? Get answers to these and any other questions by reaching out today. Talk to one of our staff members online or call 303-268-2144.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy Definition

MET is an individual therapy model that focuses on improving your motivation to change your behaviors, lifestyle, and relationship to controlled substances. A MET-trained counselor guides you to see your behaviors more honestly and realistically, which is the first step in wanting to do things differently.

One of the definitions of addiction is not being able to stop abusing substances despite clear evidence that substance use has negatively affected your health, relationships, financial security, and more. Motivational enhancement therapy works to break through the barriers that prevent you from seeking recovery.

The Principles of a MET Program

If you know deep down that you need to enter an addiction treatment center, but your resistance is holding you back, a MET program can help. Provided as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, MET can lay the groundwork for the other forms of therapy that you’ll experience.

MET is founded on these ideas:

  • Establishing an environment of empathy – Trust, listening, and truth-telling are foundations for helping you feel heard and understood.
  • Acknowledging discrepancy – The discrepancy between your current reality and where you would like to be. Once you see this gap clearly, your understanding provides an incentive to work on changing behaviors to achieve your goals.
  • Avoiding negativity – Judgment, disagreement, or attacks will not help you work toward change. The goal of MET is that you will be the one to guide the process, including defining how you wish to change and what your desired outcomes are. The therapist maintains positivity, thus avoiding sparking your defensiveness.
  • Accepting resistance – Resistance to change is considered a natural stage of addiction. It can be overcome but only in the absence of judgment. The goal is for you to remain in therapy, on the path, even if it means no apparent forward movement at times.
  • Supporting self-efficacy – You may already know why change is a good idea but not believe in yourself. Your therapist will help you realize that you do have the skills to create your own change.

Once you begin a MET program, you will notice that your internal motivation in the direction of change develops rather quickly.

Mile High Recovery Center Provides Motivational Enhancement Therapy in Denver, Colorado

What is MET? It is your path to empowerment within your recovery, a process that will help you find your inner resolve, understanding, and motivation to create the change you know deep down needs to happen.

Let the professionals at Mile High Recovery Center introduce you to our MET program and help you get started on your recovery. Call us at 303-268-2144 to speak to someone today.

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