Why Choose a Life Skills Group in Colorado?

Addiction can be a debilitating condition, but there is hope. One way to move forward on your journey to recovery is through life skills training. As you complete addiction treatment and reintegrate back into society, life skills can help you build the foundation for a healthy, happy lifestyle. Colorado has abundant resources and support groups […]

5 Types of Life Skills

When entering recovery from a substance use disorder (SUD), learning how to live a life filled with purpose is essential. That’s why Mile High Recovery Center offers a recovery life skills group that teaches important types of life skills to those in addiction treatment. Learning the appropriate life skills types can help you better manage […]

How Life Skills Can Help You Beyond Rehab

Addiction is a complex disorder with many underlying factors. When effectively treating addiction, it’s not just about helping someone overcome their substance abuse behaviors. It’s also about helping them develop the skills to lead a healthy, sober life after rehab. Life skills after recovery begins are invaluable tools that help individuals transition from treatment to […]

Why Are Life Skills So Important?

Addiction is a complex and life-altering problem that affects people from all walks of life. It’s not an issue that can be solved quickly or easily, but with the proper support and guidance, it is possible to find lasting recovery. At Mile High Recovery Center in Colorado, we take a holistic approach to addiction treatment […]

Do Alumni Programs Help Ensure Addiction Recovery?

There is an accumulation of strong evidence that points to the value of peer support during addiction recovery, both during rehab and throughout life. One of the strengths of Mile High Recovery Center in Denver, CO, is our alumni community. The hundreds of rehab alums who live in and around Denver provide continuity and support […]