Preparing for DBT

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a form of talk therapy for individuals at risk of self-harm or suicidal behavior. It teaches clients how to stay present at the moment instead of obsessing over negative thoughts or past or future events. DBT preparation can improve a person’s willingness to enroll in therapy and motivate them to […]

5 Benefits of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Over 52 million men and women struggle with some form of mental health disorder, and this number continues to climb every year. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is just one therapy that has proven beneficial in treating different kinds of mental health illnesses. DBT benefits include better stress tolerance, a healthier outlook on life, and a […]


What are the differences to keep in mind between CBT vs. DBT? Both are a type of behavioral therapy that is proven to treat a variety of mental health disorders. When you arrive at a treatment facility, a team of experts will perform full diagnostics. They use this information to create a treatment program that […]